Volume Maxi Bath Shampoo

Function :

SAFE for All Skin Type
SAFE for All Coat Type
SAFE for All Breed
SAFE for All Colours
SAFE for All Climate (Humid or Dry)
Available Size: 400ml & 4.5LGallon

Thickens the coats and adds density and volume to each hair shaft while gently cleansing. Increasing the diameter of each hair shaft adding a full, rich and density and volume.The proteins strengthen damaged hair by connecting and sealing broken protein bonds. Hair is restructured at the molecular level, leaving it stronger and volume up loaded. The protein strengthens damaged hair.

Direction of applications: Shampoo Dilution for normal skin is 1: 7 parts water. If sensitive/ allergic dog 1:8 -10 parts of water

Note: Shampoo is without much bubbles, but cleans very well. No animal extract, Sodium Chloride or Coloring Dyes.

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