R-Texture Bath Shampoo

R-Texture Bath is a choice for the adventurous, recommended for wiry, terrier-type breeds with coarse or harsh coats. It is a uniquely formulated shampoo that delivers unsurpassed visible results by fortifying every strand to restore a crisp, lively spring to the coat. The formula adds the required coarseness needed for optimum coats while at the same time making sure not to dry out the coat or skin. Once applied, hard coated terrier jackets will lay flat with amazing texture while the furnishing will instantly become fuller with more texture.

To obtain maximum results from R-Texture, it is recommended that the product be left on the coat for 2-3 minutes to give he texture elements ample time to adhere themselves to the hair shafts. For perfection in harsh coats, look no further than R-Texture Bath.

Available Size : 400ml & 4,5 L

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